Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cyrel and Kayla~

Cyrel and Kayla, my oldest brothers older children, dearly loved their beautiful airedale, Allie. She was a gentle dog with great disposition.

I surprised their parents with this papercutting for Christmas 2003, and, as I recall, their eyes were a bit misty.

Home Away from Home~

In 2003, my brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given a grim prognosis. The news was devestating! They were a young family at the time with four children under 5, the youngest being just nine months old. After seeking a second opinion from an expert at Duke University, hope was renewed and surgery was scheduled. My parents, my siblings, and some extended family made the wintery trip to be with my brother and his family during this difficult time.

Lodging and food were being discussed when someone informed us that Terri, a friend of the family, had offered her house as a home away from home. We were overwhelmed with gratitude!

This papercutting was gifted in thanksgiving to Terri, and commemorates family togetherness. A moment when all came together as one big family in support of my brother, his wonderful wife and their innocent little kiddos.

My brother is still fighting the good fight with his wife and kids right there with him. Nothing trumps family...nothing!

Blessings to you, Terri! You are an angel~

Laurencio's Ride~

Evening rides, weekend rides, Poker runs, Sturgis and more...this Harley has been there.

I had such a blast cutting this for my sister-in-law. She gifted the cutting to her hubby in 2004.

Twelve Days of Christmas~

My mother is inadvertently an inspiration to this piece. She is a strong lady and what she likes she really, really likes, and what she dislikes, she STRONGLY dislikes. The Twelve Days of Christmas song ranks close to the top of her list of strong dislikes. I can remember purposely singing it while working in the kitchen just for a reaction, and I was never disappointed. To this day, I think of her every time I hear the song. When she saw a photo of this piece, she did mention that she liked the papercut, but hasn't changed her mind about the song.
No doubt she will read this and smile. Hugs, Mom.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I was introduced to stamp collecting when I was either 7 or 8 by my Aunt Nan. She collected commemorative stamps and donated them to missions. I continue to collect stamps and occasionally have a sorting day to manage my collection.

One day, on impulse, I decided a treasured stamp was worthy of its own papercut border.
The papercut border is shown here with an ordinary stamp.

Quiet Garden Moment~

This is just how I imagined one of my Victorian gardens. Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Calm and serene with wrought iron furnishings bordered in hollyhocks. Even the birds seem to approve. Perfect for daydreaming.

This papercut is from 2002.

Sweet Dreams~

In 1989 while I was away at college, I found a job as a housekeeper for a wonderful couple, John and Jane, who had high social status. I needed to pay my tuition, so I accepted the job without previewing the property. When I arrived for my first day of work, I stood numb at the end of the driveway in disbelief. They lived in a magnificent old Victorian with 3 floors and a full basement. Even the porches offered a sense of welcoming solace. I was thrilled! I had found the job of a lifetime! A tiny piece of my Victorian-living dream had finally come true.
In one of the guest rooms on the second floor, there were ornate matching beds similar to this one. They were bedecked in the finest linens with antique quilts hanging on quilt racks at the foot of each bed.
This papercut brings back such fond memories. Resor Place was glory at its finest, and John and Jane made it all worthwhile.

Hunting Remembered~

In 1994, my daddy was diagnosed with cancer. He underwent medical trials, medical experiments, many operations, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. He was a medical miracle and overcame the initial onslaught of the ravages of cancer.

One of the many things he enjoyed, was hunting season. However, without the strength and stamina required for the hunt, he reluctantly bowed out and waited to hear trophy stories from nearby hunters.
I cut each of these hunting pictographs for him hoping to lessen his disappointment of not being able to join the hunt.

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Sweet Sister~

I could never say enough about my sister! We have such wonderful memories from our childhood.

Together, we shared a love for the wood plank swing that hung from our big tree near the barn. The limb it was hanging from was high over our heads providing wonderful long sweeps. More often than not, when we were 'missing' from the house, one could find us swinging.

This piece was cut specifically for my sister from a carefully selected sheet of wallpaper. I cannot help but think of simpler days when I look at this.

I love you, Sherry! You're the best sister a sister could ever want...and more!

Victorian Row Houses~

In the fall of 1988, I was packing to head to Cincinatti for my first year of college. I cut certain pieces of wallpaper from my treasured books and lined the bottom of my suitcase with them. I relaxed knowing I wouldn't be without paper to cut.

Once settled into my new routine, I cut this series of stately little ladies in pursuit of my ongoing dream of Victorian living. I imagined my sister, my mother, my grandmother and I occupying these row houses allowing us to share tea and borrow a cup of sugar anytime of the day.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Victorian Lady~

We lived in an old farmhouse located near Gypsy, Pennsylvania. My mother had lofty dreams of someday owning a modest home in the country with manicured lawns and gardens lavish with flowers. This house couldn't be any more opposite, but it fit our meager budget. She hated, hated, hated that house and despite the efforts she put into it, it just was not 'home' to her. She didn't allow her disappointments get her down, and succeeded at creating many wonderful family memories. After all, it was the togetherness that mattered and not so much the house.

It was during this time that I became enamored with Victorian houses. They seemed to have such welcoming personalities. I would imagine color schemes, furnishings, draperies, and dishes for my 'stately lady' as I poured over the pages of old Victoria magazines. I recall rearranging the furniture in my bedroom to mirror rooms on the pages of the magazine. I imagined they were mine as we drove by them on our way to school each day. Victorian-style consumed my being to the point that I was convinced I had been born in the wrong era. I decided I would cut the houses of my dreams out of paper so I would have them forever. They would be my inspiration when I was ready for a house of my very own.

Being as there was not paper readily available simply for the pleasure of 'cutting up', my parents allowed me to inquire with the paint stores in Punxsutawney for discarded wallpaper books. I was delighted as I exited toting seven books of paper treasuries just for me!

Once home, I sketched, snipped, cut and evaluated. I cut and I cut. I cut Victorian houses, beautiful beds, chairs and rocking chairs, roses, ornate fans, children at play, row houses and tree swings. I was so appreciative of the accolades that came with a finished cutting, I ended up giving away more cuttings than I kept.

Amongst all the cuttings, I distinctly remember cutting the pictured Victorian house for my mother in 1988. I was so proud of it and the anticipation of gifting it to her was almost unbearable. The joy on her face made me feel as though a little part of her house dreams had come true. She framed it beautifully and it still graces her walls to this day.

I'll work on getting a better photo of it on my next visit.

Friday, August 13, 2010


So, there I sat with my freckled nose and blonde braided hair in the backseat of our 1971 Chevy Nova. I was bored. I had read as many pages from my book as a restless little girl could possibly read while waiting quietly for Daddy to finish "running for mayor" (he loved to talk). I climbed into the front seat and opened the glove box. There was a map, lots of napkins, a bottle of asprin, a pencil, and a pair of rusty scissors. Remember the safety scissors from kindergarden? Well, these scissors were a step up from safety scissors as they were pointed on the end. And oh my goodness, were they rusty!

A new interest was sparked and my bookmark soon became my first papercutting.
Creativity was beginning to blossom! I was just 14.