Friday, August 13, 2010


So, there I sat with my freckled nose and blonde braided hair in the backseat of our 1971 Chevy Nova. I was bored. I had read as many pages from my book as a restless little girl could possibly read while waiting quietly for Daddy to finish "running for mayor" (he loved to talk). I climbed into the front seat and opened the glove box. There was a map, lots of napkins, a bottle of asprin, a pencil, and a pair of rusty scissors. Remember the safety scissors from kindergarden? Well, these scissors were a step up from safety scissors as they were pointed on the end. And oh my goodness, were they rusty!

A new interest was sparked and my bookmark soon became my first papercutting.
Creativity was beginning to blossom! I was just 14.

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