Sunday, August 22, 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas~

My mother is inadvertently an inspiration to this piece. She is a strong lady and what she likes she really, really likes, and what she dislikes, she STRONGLY dislikes. The Twelve Days of Christmas song ranks close to the top of her list of strong dislikes. I can remember purposely singing it while working in the kitchen just for a reaction, and I was never disappointed. To this day, I think of her every time I hear the song. When she saw a photo of this piece, she did mention that she liked the papercut, but hasn't changed her mind about the song.
No doubt she will read this and smile. Hugs, Mom.


  1. That is absolutely Stunning!
    I'm with your mom though on the song. ;)
    xx, shell

  2. Thank you for finding me and being my first follower!

    Curious as to how you happened upon my blog...



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