Sunday, August 15, 2010

Victorian Lady~

We lived in an old farmhouse located near Gypsy, Pennsylvania. My mother had lofty dreams of someday owning a modest home in the country with manicured lawns and gardens lavish with flowers. This house couldn't be any more opposite, but it fit our meager budget. She hated, hated, hated that house and despite the efforts she put into it, it just was not 'home' to her. She didn't allow her disappointments get her down, and succeeded at creating many wonderful family memories. After all, it was the togetherness that mattered and not so much the house.

It was during this time that I became enamored with Victorian houses. They seemed to have such welcoming personalities. I would imagine color schemes, furnishings, draperies, and dishes for my 'stately lady' as I poured over the pages of old Victoria magazines. I recall rearranging the furniture in my bedroom to mirror rooms on the pages of the magazine. I imagined they were mine as we drove by them on our way to school each day. Victorian-style consumed my being to the point that I was convinced I had been born in the wrong era. I decided I would cut the houses of my dreams out of paper so I would have them forever. They would be my inspiration when I was ready for a house of my very own.

Being as there was not paper readily available simply for the pleasure of 'cutting up', my parents allowed me to inquire with the paint stores in Punxsutawney for discarded wallpaper books. I was delighted as I exited toting seven books of paper treasuries just for me!

Once home, I sketched, snipped, cut and evaluated. I cut and I cut. I cut Victorian houses, beautiful beds, chairs and rocking chairs, roses, ornate fans, children at play, row houses and tree swings. I was so appreciative of the accolades that came with a finished cutting, I ended up giving away more cuttings than I kept.

Amongst all the cuttings, I distinctly remember cutting the pictured Victorian house for my mother in 1988. I was so proud of it and the anticipation of gifting it to her was almost unbearable. The joy on her face made me feel as though a little part of her house dreams had come true. She framed it beautifully and it still graces her walls to this day.

I'll work on getting a better photo of it on my next visit.

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