Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stages of Life~

I loved my childhood!  It was fun and happy.  I felt secure in knowing that my mommy and daddy were in love!

Last year, I was thanking my mother for such a wonderful childhood that harbored imagination.  I was telling her that the earliest moment I can recall from my childhood would be of me standing in the front seat of our car.  I was wearing a pretty jacket with little lambs printed all over it, and three pink buttons down the front.  There was a matching bonnet with satin ribbons that tied under my chin.  I could tell by her silence that my recollection had caught her off guard.  She quietly conveyed that it just isn't possible that I could remember that.  She told me I would have been dressed for Easter Sunday church and about nine months old.  Amazing!

With the recent birth of my little boys, life turned yet another corner.  Not only am I thankful for the stages of life I've already lived, but I am ever vigilant in becoming the best mommy I can be for those little rascals.  They, also, are experiencing their own passages of time, and it just might be that this is the passage that becomes their earliest recollection of childhood.  I want it to be a happy memory.  


  1. Ok...I'm about to totally pass out over how incredible your work is! I looooooooooove it!
    xx, shell


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