Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Storm at Sea~

I love handmade quilts!  To me they provide warmth for my toes, laughter to my conversation, and pride in my lineage.  They emanate inner indulgences: artwork, healing, solace, quietude.

While cutting, thought was provoked to the many symbolism's that 'Storm at Sea' provided.  Each of us has our own 'Storm at Sea', and our outcome depends on our approach, our attitude, and our willingness to help and be helped.

However, the symbolism that provoked most thought was in how we take pieces from everyone we encounter, and those pieces, regardless of race, religion, or creed, comprise the fabric of our lives.  It is in how we assemble those pieces that provides the quality to our finished product.  No matter our personal journeys, we are intricately interwoven with those around us making us, in essence, one fabric.  The fabric of our Maker's hand.  

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