Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome Autumn~

In times past, autumn marked the arrival of 'hunting and gathering'.  Men would outfit themselves for the hunt and venture out to provide meats and pelts for the coming harsh winter days.  Women would harvest the gardens, gather fruits from the orchards and kindling from the forests.  Quilts were stitched with a sense of urgency while maples were tapped for their golden goodness.  Oh, the hustle and bustle of fall before the calm, quiet dormancy of winter!

Here in the Rockies, the leaves are beginning to don their finer colors punctuating the forest with golden spikes.  Pumpkin patches are nearly ready for harvest, and a sense of autumn is in the air.  Cool, crisp mornings lend to a whisper of Jack Frost.  Although I anticipate and enjoy each season, it seems the coming of autumn spurs the need to 'cozy up'.  I experimented with 'cozying up' this morning over a steaming cup of coffee by cutting a 'welcome autumn' piece while watching the first sunrise of autumn melt away the frost.

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