Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome Spring~

According to the calendar, Spring has arrived.  However, here in the Northern Rockies winter-like weather is keeping any spring fever at bay.  Recently, we've completed month 5 of snow cover here on the valley floor, and our area was termed as the "snowiest place on earth".  Late May usually brings sunny days, blooming tulips, and possibly some brave butterflies, but it never hurts to dream about them now.  It is normal for us to experience straggler snowstorms thru early June keeping us wondering if summer will ever arrive, and when it does...we'll be soaking up some sun!


  1. Such a lovely design! At first sight, a snowflake, but second and third viewings reveal beautiful surprises! Brilliant!

  2. I've missed your posts - hope to see more work by you soon!

  3. Have been wading my way through organized chaos over the last three weeks: I just finished potty-training our youngest three weeks ago...our oldest got married last weekend...we survived food poisioning from the catered reception...and then I suffered a broken nose four days later. I just got it set this afternoon. Lets hope things settle down for a spell. :)


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