Friday, May 6, 2011

Make a Joyful Noise~

Music touches each of us in different ways.  This cutting was inspired as I perused through my late father's high school portfolio of choir music.  Dad just loved music and he enjoyed singing!  I can remember him being a member of a men's barber-shop style quartet.  He was thrilled to be a part of that group and they sounded so good in acapella.  His foot would rapidly tap to the beat, and most times he would sing simply to make a joyful noise.  Speaking of making a joyful noise, I remember him finding the polka radio station on Sunday mornings and playing it loudly while gyrating around the kitchen simply to irritate my mother.  Even with her best 'disgust' face on, one knew she was still enjoying antics.  Music and memories...gotta love it!  

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  1. So delicate. What a beautiful design!
    I really admire your work.


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