Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Withered Weather~

How could this happen?  I am SO guilty!  I am a very structured person, but I had just allowed my self-control to go berserk as my imagination thundered beyond control leaving me caught in a full-blown brain storm!  It seemed all so justified as my mind raced through the endless possibilities.  I could just hear my daddy-o's advice to 'think outside the box'.  And THAT was the clincher!  After all, I WAS 'thinking outside the box'.

I had purchased some shrink film from the local craft shop all in the name of summertime fun for my boys.  I had plans to help them outline their chubby, little hands and draw squiggly smileys in the middle. Then we would cut them out, shrink them in the oven, and attach them to their jacket pulls.  That was the 'simple' brainstorm I had when looking at the product on the shelf.


...on our way home, this brainstorm completely derailed as others quickly ensued.  What would happen if I 'paper' cut a design on the film and then shrunk it in the oven?  This sounded delightfully, I decided to give it a try and in doing so found myself completely guilty of hijacking an item that was purchased with my boys in mind.  

And as you can see, my self-control was still running rampant at this point.  This is a photo of the trial piece all cut and ready for the oven.  It is 6 1/4". 

And this is the finished snowflake shrunk down to 2 1/2".

At this point, I think this piece qualifies as withered weather! 

Definately fun and interesting!

Guilty? yes. 

Sorry?  Let's just say the brain storms have not subsided.


  1. oh my gosh it is soooo pretty! During Christmas our front room is decorated like a snow fairy land. I would love to make these. I haven't done shrink film since I was a little kid. Was it hard to cut? I don't remember what it's like. I really want to make them for my tree. So beautiful! I am thinking maybe could add some iridescent powder rub to them before baking to make them shine even more? Not sure if it would work. Anyways. THanks sooo much for sharing this. And if you have any more helpful tips on accomplishing what you made I would love it.

  2. Thank goodness I have alot of determination as I think I would have given up on cutting this silly thing. Yes, it was 'challenging' to cut all the small details from the middle of all the pieces, but then that is what makes it FUN! The only tip I would strongly suggest would be to start in the middle and cut your way to the edges simply for stability. I also noticed the film gets a rather white bent mark around all the cuts, but it all 'melted' together nicely once heated. This particuliar film was 'slick' on both front/back. If it were me, I would be looking for a way to stretch my powder supply~ so I would experiment with adding the iridescent powder after shrinking and cooling by applying a thin coat of spray adhesive and then sprinkling on the powder. Some nice icicle type pieces would look awesome, too! I plan to affix some withered weather to each of the gifts we will be giving as part of our annual name drawing, as well as, to all the bake sale items I package. :)

    As close as I can measure, each item ends up at 20% of it's original size.

    Hope this helps in creating your winter wonderland!

  3. What a fantastic idea - definitely "outside the box" and very pretty!


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