Monday, August 22, 2011

Sandy Cove, Maryland~

Although I have yet to be to the northeast coast, I just couldn't resist cutting this dock when a friend posted her photo.  With permission, I busied myself in sketching and cutting.  It seemed to consume my 'free time' (read: nap time for the little guys), and within a couple of days it was finished.  Working with the reflection on the dock so it appeared believable was exasperating at times, but then that is also one of the elements that fuels my artistic drive.  I just love the nitty-gritty details...the more, the merrier!  I had finished the cutting in record time and was prepared to post it for sale dear hubby caught a glimpse of it.  Gasp!

This piece of fine art has stopped in its tracks!  My hubby is my number one fan and he is just awe struck with this particular piece.  I framed it beautifully and hung it above his bed stand.  I'm thinking he will continue to be my number one fan!  Don't you? 

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