Sunday, November 20, 2011

Decorating for Christmas using PAPER~

What better way to decorate for Christmas on a budget than with PAPER! 

With our boys still being little, and already having had a fair amount of snow outside, I decided we would do a Winter Wonderland theme.  I had visions of an elaborate snow village complete with lights in each window and lit lampposts.  However, after having a nightmare about it that night, I decided a simpler version that was kid-friendly and interactive would be just fine.  There will be time for detail as they grow, but for now, simplicity matters. 

I was surprised with their level of seriousness in building our little village and their willingness to help has been, at times, a bit daunting.  I just love the enthusiasm they exude with each new building.  Their excitement and sweet chatter just adds so much joy to the project making it easier to practice patience along our little Christmas journey of decorating.

At this point, our village spans five wonderful feet of pure imagination with eight buildings and eighteen trees complete.  The boys have been busy pretending they are living in the village and running in and out of doors, climbing the trees, and shouting from the windows.  We still need to add some mountains, clouds, snow, and a snowman, but for now they are pleased as punch.

Uh oh!  I had better scoot.  It looks like someone is cutting some 'snow' this very minute!  

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  1. I just love this! So crisp, and the windows make me wonder what's going on inside each building! Very pretty!


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