Thursday, December 15, 2011

Glorious Garland~

Garland, garland!  We have had the same garland for our tree far too long! 

This year we decided to decorate for Christmas using paper.  When we brought our tree home my mind was busy thinking of all the inventive ways we could decorate it...paper bulbs, paper snowflakes, paper wreaths, paper everything...but what about paper garland?  

I immediately began thinking of making paper chains.  It would be fun to get the boys involved in gluing all the strips of paper end to end.  But it just seemed so expected.

What would happen if we made the links flat like discs and somehow connected them side by side.  We busied ourselves and had one glorious mess of circles.  They were EVERYWHERE!!  Yes, many of them were sacrificed for the make believe snowstorm created by 'Thing 1' and 'Thing 2', and although I wouldn't really categorize that as a Winter Wonderland, it certainly helped provide some entertainment to a monotonous task.

And that is how our paper garland came to be.  It is made of hundreds of paper circles all connected together...873 of them to be exact!  Then again, who's counting? 

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  1. It's delightful - especially the story of how it came to be!


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