Monday, February 20, 2012


What is it about old cars that seems to captivate ones attention?  Could it be the nostalgia of simpler times gone by?  Could it be the classic lines or the 'attitude' these cars seems to emanate?  I'm not certain what it is about old cars that speaks to me, but when they are near I am in awe.

Every year our downtown hosts a River Rod Run, and our little town becomes heavily populated with Classics from all over the country.  There are hot rods worth thousands, hot rods that are still a work in progress, and hot rods that make one wonder how it ever made it to the event.  But one thing is for sure, there is no doubt what event is taking place.  The weekend kicks off with an open car show in the park by the river allowing the owners to show off their prized possession while photographers busy themselves under the mid-day sun.  The weekend closes with an hour long, well-attended parade thru the streets of downtown.  The engines roar, shake, rattle, and purr while bystanders applaud and cameras flash.  It is a great time for bringing parts of our community together. 

Perhaps someday hubby and I will have time to restore a hot rod of our very own.  It never hurts to dream.

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